Your Problem
Step 1
  • Identify a problem in the country that affects (energy, water, land ,etc)
  • This problem can be in the community, or even the society (socialization)
  • Perform Research to see what causes the problem and what effects the problem on the community
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A Solution
Step 2
  • Design a solution to solve your problem
  • The problem should incorporate technology taught during our classes
  • Make sure your the design you create is technically feasible


your Business Model
Step 3
  • In order to succeed your solution must be sustainable. This means there has to be a model around it that will allow it to continue to operate financially on its own
  • There are many different kinds of business models and some may apply better to your solution and problem


A presentation
Step 4
  • Create a digital presentation to pitch your idea
  • All ideas must be sold. Once you have yours ready submit it to our team for the chance to move to Round 2. Before submitting take a look at our judging criteria and make sure you address all of the questions we've stated there to earn the maximum amount of points
You are ready

Power Up your Ideas

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Since 2018 the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) has successfully executed ICT educational programmes reaching well over 4,800 students with great success.
CARIRI and Republic Bank Limited (RBL) under the Power to Make a Difference Programme (PMAD) have partnered with each other once again to continue the development of the current generation with the next wave of technological advances.

The 2023 programme called ‘Innovation Nation Training Programme.’ To keep things interesting  and
exciting for this batch of students, we have introduced a competition aspect. The aim of the competition is to ensure that students complete the programme, keep them engaged to the end and ensure that they come away with a good understanding of the concepts that will be taught.


The upcoming competition is exclusively open to participants of the Innovation Nation Classes. As a participant, you have an exclusive opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas and compete with fellow innovators.

Open to students in two categories:
Category 1: 10 – 12
Category 2: 13 and over.

Description of Competition

Identify a problem that exists within the country that affects the environment (energy, water, land, etc.),
the economy, the community or even people (socialization).

1. Research the problem and describe how it affects people.
2. Design a solution to solve the problem that incorporates technology.
3. Describe how you can create a business with your solution.
4. Create a digital presentation to submit for the chance to win.

Round 2

  1. These 10 students will have to develop a pretotype of their solution (with guidance from the CARIRI
    team if necessary).
  2. On Tuesday 29th August, 2023, these 10 students have the opportunity to pitch to our judges for the chance to win our grand prize.

We will have a preliminary judging point made up of CARIRI staff members who will go through all the
applications and make suggestions on the ones that should move forward. At this point, ten (10) finalists
will be chosen. At this event, the 10 students will be given the opportunity to pitch their solution to the
panel and winners will be selected and highlighted. 


Submission must be your own original concept or design.
– This is an individual competition. Only one prize will be awarded to the prize winner.
– Multiple submissions per individual will be accepted.
– Copying an existing solution will not be accepted. This will result in immediate termination from the
– The proposed solution must not have been commercialized previously (it should not already be in
the public domain).
– Students whose immediate family members are employees of CARIRI or Republic Bank Limited are
not eligible to participate.
– The solution will remain the property of the participant.
– CARIRI reserves the right to accept or reject applications.
– Finalists from previous competition will not be eligible to enter


Category 1 (10-12 years old)
Category 2 (13 and over)
First Place
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
Fifth Place

Judging Criteria

  • Identification of problem (20%)
    • How clear is the problem
    • Did the student back it up with research
  • Innovation of solution (30%)
    • How creative/innovative is the solution?
    • Can it be translated into a real life solution?
  • Use of concepts taught in programme (10%)
    • Did the student use the concepts taught?
  •  Incorporation of technology and business (10%)
    • Was the student able to create a linkage between the business and the technology aspect?
  •  Presentation (30%)
    • Was the presentation clear?
      Did they stick to time?
    • Was there passion in their presentation

Get Ready

Get ready! The Innovation Nation Program is thrilled to announce an upcoming competition that will ignite your passion for innovation. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we prepare to unveil this incredible opportunity. Get ready to showcase your creativity and make a meaningful impact. Stay tuned for more details on how you can participate and be part of the competition that will redefine innovation!

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming soon! We have something incredible in store for you that will inspire and spark your innovative spirit. Keep an eye out for updates and be ready to join us on this thrilling journey of creativity and ingenuity. Get ready to make a difference and stay tuned for the big reveal!.


The upcoming competition is exclusively open to participants of the Innovation Nation Classes. As a participant, you have an exclusive opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas and compete with fellow innovators.

This promotion is approved by the NLCB