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CARIRI and RBL Launches Virtual Youth Innovation Training Course (Online)

News Release 2021

Virtual Youth Innovation Training

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and Republic Bank Limited (RBL) under its Power to Make a Difference programme have launched a new and exciting free education programme for the students of the nation called Virtual Youth Innovation Training.

CARIRI and RBL have partnered to continue to educate our nation’s youths virtually in a time of a global pandemic on the fundamentals of Coding and Mobile App Development. This programme is designed to provide young people with a modular introduction to coding using
the principles of mobile app and game development. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it introduces the Computer Science field, the fundamentals of coding and the careers which can
be pursued.

This programme, which is free to participants, will engage 600 youths in schools from across
Trinidad and Tobago via online training to be able to understand coding and its importance in
creating and building various applications, some levels also include the steps that it takes to
generate and commercialize an app.

CARIRI and RBL both understand that coding is a vital skill to have especially as we move rapidly
into a global community that has embraced the 4th Industrial Revolution. One of the key
benefits of learning coding is that it gives students both the tools and the idea that there are
many ways to solve a problem, whilst at the same time sparking curiosity, encouraging
teamwork and enabling communication. Coding also requires students to think outside of the
box, thereby honing their creative skills. Solving difficult problems require creative solutions, a
highly sought-after skill which is often difficult to teach in more traditional classroom subjects.