Computer Engineering Concepts for Kids


Build your own solutions! Computer Engineering is the combination of electrical engineering and computer science. 

Students enrolled on this course will learn the basics of engineering and computer science through hands-on, project-based learning. By the end of this course, students will be able to design their own solutions to problems and prototype them using circuits, motors, sensors, microcontrollers and more.

Designed to support and spark curiosity , this exciting course will build on the experiences gained in the classroom and targets an array of skills in areas such as mathematics, engineering, physics and electronics.

Beginners (Ages 10+)

1 Week

Certificate of Participation 

Your Trainers for this course

This course is led by qualified ICT Professionals employed by the Institute’s ICT Unit. Beyond training, the team at the ICT Unit have deployed a number of solutions in different areas including Data Science, Gaming, Web Development and Mobile App Development

About this programme

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Topics Covered

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Computer Science and Architecture
  •  Programming (Introduction to Mobile Apps)
  •  Introduction to sensors and controls
  • Micro-processors and controllers
  • Introduction to mechatronics
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship and ideation
  • Essential life skills


Be interested in learning and have the following

  • a Google Email/Gmail Account (with Parental Privileges).
  • a steady Internet connection to watch our videos.
  • Optionally – A Mobile Phone to Install your newly developed apps too.


Free (All Costs for this course have been covered by our sponsors)


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Our Approach

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