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Who we are

Established in 1970, the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute’s (CARIRI’s) mission is to be a national and regional focal point for technology and innovation

CARIRI is a leader in providing value-added technological solutions across a wide range of sectors all designed to enhance efficiency, competitiveness, foster new business creation, improve the quality of life and promote sustainable economic development.  CARIRI is widely recognized for providing Laboratory and Field Testing, Consulting, Research and Development, ICT Services and various industry-specific Training.  


CARIRI is a multifaceted Institution and a national hub for Innovation serving a number of industries, including but not limited to, petrochemical, biotechnical, environmental, manufacturing, agribusiness, tourism and ICT among others.

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Our Mission

The guiding principles by which we operate

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Our Quality System

Learn more about how we ensure quality in whatever we do

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CARIRI is home to highly trained specialist professionals, technologists, technicians, consultants and researchers and have thus been able to provide solutions to Caribbean industries, businesses and small entrepreneurs, while making great strides in keeping the environment safe.

As a founding member of the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organizations (WAITRO), our guiding principle is to provide the same level of service excellence to each client – from the micro-entrepreneur to the macro-industrialist. 

CARIRI is committed to the delivery of quality service, which meets and exceeds the expectations and needs of our clients. 

Acknowledging our unique leadership role, since 2018, CARIRI embarked on a mission to nurture the next generation of coders and techpreneurs. Using our uniquely crafted methodology featuring microlearning techniques integrated with real-time global advancements as well as our own local industry examples, the Institute has been successfully executing ICT educational programmes and has trained approximately 2,000 students thus far, both in-person and virtually.  As we firmly engage the new normal, CARIRI is committed to providing support and training towards the development of our nation’s youth.


Easy Self Study Approach

Bite sized modules that can be taken at your pace. No lesson is over thirty minutes long and there are no time limits to complete a module

Teaching Materials

Our lesson plans are offered in an interactive video format along with downloadable files for each course.


Follow our courses to learn new skills and get certified. We offer certifications of participation for most of our courses.

We have been passionately focused on providing Information Technology (IT) training and skills to students and educators since 2018. Together with our partners and the Ministry of Education, we have worked with over seventy schools across Trinidad and Tobago and reached over two thousand (2000+ students).

The programmes we have developed have been designed and refined to provide an easy way for students to gain an appreciation for the basic IT principles in a way that can be extended beyond the classroom, whether virtual or physical.

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Building Engagement

Goal 1

Engage the theory learnt in the classroom in a way that will inspire students to learn and achieve more in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) subjects.

Encourage Logical Thinking

Goal 2

Help students to become critical thinkers since coding teaches logic and solving problems innovatively. This is a skill that would be vital both professionally and personally.

Encourage Creativity

Goal 3

Create an avenue for students to express themselves creatively and artistically.

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CARIRI’s Centre for Enterprise Development, Innovation Drive, Freeport, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.

Head Office – University Drive, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago.

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299-0209 ext 2403, 2665, 5048