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Share our Passion for Science Guardians of the Galaxy Entrepreneurship and Innovation STEAM Programme

What do you want to Learn?

Learn about the Stars The Planets Physics Our Planet Climate Change Coding Engineering  Music with one of our courses

Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Courses

Courses available for ages 10+

What is this class about?

Ignite your passion for STREAM! Join our online courses and delve into Physics, Coding, and Music. Unlock your creativity with the guidance of experienced mentors.
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Entrepreneurship Courses

Recommended for ages 12+

What is this class about?

Get a crash course on what it takes to start a business. Work with our experienced business mentors and coaches as they carry you an intense series of online workshops that covers proving your business idea and more
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Climate Action Courses

Courses available for ages 10+

What is this class about?

Dive into the world of Climate Change and Sustainability! Enroll in our transformative online course and become an agent of change. Together, we can drive impactful action for a greener planet.
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Learn A New Skill this Vacation

Classes start in July

Driving Innovation Empowering Change

Join CARIRI’s exciting online training program in collaboration with our partners, we aim to train 3500 students through our convenient and accessible online classes. Earn a certificate of participation upon completion of the courses and evaluation. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and unlock new opportunities. Register now for a brighter future!

Are you Eligible

Our target group is students attending school and in Standard 4 (Primary) to Form 6 (Secondary)

How Long do Classes Last

All of our online classes will take approximately one week to two weeks to complete

There are no set times for classes. Students access the classes using credentials and at a time that is convenient for them. Support is provided by our lecturers

Classes Start in July

Explore. Experiment. Evolve

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Our Sponsors

Embark on an Innovative Journey with CARIRI and Our Remarkable Partners! We have united to bring you captivating classes in the field of Information Technology. We firmly believe that every student in Trinidad and Tobago deserves the opportunity to embrace innovation and gain access to cutting-edge technology training. Enable your creativity, ignite your curiosity, and join the innovation revolution! Let’s shape a brighter future together!


Main Sponsor Republic Bank

Our Partners In Education

Students can earn a certificate of participation for each class

First 500 students to complete their course will earn a special token of appreciation

Hear from Students and Teachers who have participated in our classes

I was impressed that we were able to build a game and it worked! This course has opened my eyes to see how ICT can make our lives easier
Teril Thomas
Student (Belmont Secondary)
β€œI have been a teacher of Information Technology for 15 years. The students were very much enthused and thrilled that CARIRI afforded them the ability to interface with programming code and to become more aware of technology that exists in this fast-paced, technologically advanced era that we currently live in. This was done in a very comfortable and safe environment with a small target group who all felt at ease to ask questions and discuss/express their opinions on many topics. It was an all-round wonderful experience where we met with very warm and friendly facilitators who made the students feel very welcomed. Afterwards, the students excitedly shared their experience with colleagues who would have also liked to come along.”
"I had the privilege of attending the one day Workshop - Coding Fundamentals for Secondary Schools - on Wednesday 13th February, 2019. The execution of the program was extremely organised and well thought out. The facilitators were eager to present and help us along the way. For many of us, students including myself, this was our first time coding and we were initially intimated by the idea. However, throughout the day, with the guidance of our facilitator we felt more confident and were able to get the task done. This program stimulated us and kept our interest in the field.
β€œWhen our school received the correspondence from the Ministry of Education regarding the short course involving the Fundamentals of Coding, most of my Form 5 Information Technology students expressed interest in attending. Those who attended the session was very impressed with the following: 1. The warm welcome by those in charge. 2. The contents of the day’s session. The activities fostered teamwork. 3. The hands-on experience they received. The time given to ask questions. 4. The use of modern technology such as the smart board to integrate internet resources in order to solve specific problem(s). After the session was completed, most of the students kept asking if there was a follow-up to the course. They found the session very informative and a good learning experience.”
β€œMy school was one of those chosen to participate in Coding Fundamentals for Secondary Schools that was held on Wednesday 20th November, 2019. It was an opportunity that I had jumped at given the seeming lack of enthusiasm towards Programming amongst our students. The cross section of students that participated this time was broader, encompassing Form 2 through Form 5, and this made the experience even more magnificent. The students had a misconception that programming was only about computers and computer programs. The instructors at CARIRI came up with the brilliant idea to use a gaming platform. That was genius as these kids spent a lot of time gaming! It was amazing to see them realize that the games they spent so much time behind was a product of the very programming skill they cringed from. The expressions on their faces when they were able to apply the code that they had typed and see the transformation on the screens were priceless. For the first time, they were not in a rush to leave the I.T lab.”

We can’t wait to meet you. See you in class App Makers