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Coding and Digital Music

Welcome to our Coding and Digital Music

Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of coding while composing captivating tunes. You’ll discover how to create melodies, experiment with synthesizers, and layer different instruments to build complex and harmonious compositions using Sonic Pi – a platform where you use programming to create music. Each lesson will take you deeper into the world of Sonic Pi – providing you with the tools to express yourself artistically while sharpening your coding skills.

Noticeboard and FAQs:

All communication about the programme, updates on modules, competition, etc will be on the notice board, so make sure to check it out often.

New! Learn more about the Power Up Competition, an exclusive competition j. How to enter and the cool prizes.

How long with the course be available?

You have until the end of November to complete all the courses in this track

How can I get support?

Please Email If you have any questions that cannot be answered through the noticeboard or our chatbot.