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Advanced Coding with Astrophysics

Welcome to our Advanced Coding with Astrophysics Course

Course Description

Welcome to our Advanced Coding Course: Coding for the Zombie Apocalypse! Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey delving into the depths of the universe as we explore advanced Universe physics concepts and theorems. This course will push the boundaries of your coding skills, incorporating Quantum Mechanics, Black Holes, Wormholes, and beyond. In this advanced coding course, participants will navigate the intriguing intersection of coding and cosmic phenomena. Prepare to tackle complex concepts as we delve into Quantum Mechanics, unravel the mysteries of Black Holes, and explore the mind-bending possibilities of Wormholes. Leveraging the coding skills acquired in both the basic and intermediate levels, participants will engage in advanced coding exercises that push their abilities to new heights.

By joining our Advanced Coding Course, you will unlock the secrets of the universe’s most captivating enigmas. Gain a deep understanding of advanced Universe physics concepts while sharpening your coding expertise. Explore the realms of Quantum Mechanics, grasp the mysteries of Black Holes, and dive into the mind-bending possibilities of Wormholes. This course will equip you with the tools and knowledge to tackle complex challenges, preparing you for cutting-edge advancements in coding and astrophysics.

Are you ready to embrace the challenges that come with exploring our universe? Join us on this extraordinary journey as we harness the power of coding to navigate the mysteries of the universe.

Noticeboard and FAQs:

All communication about the programme, updates on modules, competition, etc will be on the notice board, so make sure to check it out often.

New! Learn more about the Power Up Competition, an exclusive competition j. How to enter and the cool prizes.

How long with the course be available?

You have until the end of November to complete all the courses in this track

How can I get support?

Please Email If you have any questions that cannot be answered through the noticeboard or our chatbot.

Use either of the following instructions to download the backdrops/Planet below:

  1. Right-click the respective image and select the "Save Image as" option
  2. Click the respective download button at the button of each image.


Backdrop: Stars


Planet: Sun


Planet: Mercury


Planet: Venus


Planet: Earth


Planet: Mars


Planet: Jupiter


Planet: Saturn

Planet: Uranus


Planet: Neptune


Galaxy Shooter Files

Click the google drive link below to download the Course Resouces Google Drive Link: Galaxy Shooter Files: