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Intermediate Coding with Astrophysics


Welcome to our Intermediate program, where the wonders of the cosmos merge with coding expertise. Join us as we embark on a celestial journey exploring Coding with Comets, Orbits, Planets, and Stars. Building upon the knowledge from the Basic Coding with Astro Physics module, this program takes you deeper into the cosmic realm while also introducing exciting concepts to be covered at the advanced level, including Quantum Mechanics.

In this Intermediate program, participants will dive into the captivating world of coding, applying their knowledge to astronomical concepts. Discover how coding principles intertwine with the intricacies of comets, orbits, planets, and stars. By leveraging the foundations laid in the Basic Coding with Astro Physics module, participants will engage in coding exercises that further strengthen their skills and understanding.

By joining our Intermediate program, you will expand your coding proficiency while unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos. Gain hands-on experience as you explore the coding applications specific to comets, orbits, planets, and stars. Additionally, this program serves as a bridge to advanced concepts like Quantum Mechanics, giving you a glimpse into the fascinating realm that lies ahead.

Ready to take your coding and astronomical exploration to new heights? Enrol in our Intermediate program today to deepen your coding expertise and delve into the mesmerising world of comets, orbits, planets, and stars. Join us on this celestial journey as we unlock the secrets of the universe and prepare you for the thrilling advancements that await at the advanced level.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your coding skills while exploring the wonders of the cosmos. Visit our website and enrol in our Intermediate program to embark on this extraordinary adventure. Together, we will illuminate the connections between coding and the celestial realm, paving the way for a deeper understanding of our universe.

Beginners (Ages 12+)

2 Weeks

Certificate of Participation 

Your Trainers for this course

This course is led by qualified ICT Professionals employed by the Institute’s ICT Unit. Beyond training, the team at the ICT Unit have deployed a number of solutions in different areas including Data Science, Gaming, Web Development and Mobile App Development

About This Programme

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Topics Covered

  • Coding defined and uses in astronomy
  • Navigating the Scratch programming language.
  • Introduction to the solar system
  • Introduction to orbital movement
  • Using the Sky View App
  • Exploring properties of the planets in the solar system (e.g. size, temperature, luminosity)
  • Build your own solar system simulation using Scratch 


Be interested in learning and have the following

  • a Google Email/Gmail Account (with Parental Privileges).
  • a steady Internet connection to watch our videos.
  • Optionally – A Mobile Phone to Install your newly developed apps too.


Free (All Costs for this course have been covered by our sponsors)


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