ICT Enabled Youth Entrepreneurship


During this vacation, learn what it takes to start and run a business. Register today!

Students enrolled in this class will get a crash course on what it takes to start a business. Work with our experienced business mentors and coaches as they carry you an intense series of online workshops that covers proving your business idea, modelling your business and more. Pair this with our technical content to create a formidable e-component for your business idea, including classes on how to build graphical content, social media-enabled websites and apps. Finally, join your data points in an introductory data science course.

Who can apply? Students with or without an idea or business plan. Students with previous or no programming experience. Our trainers have tailored this class toward students who have entrepreneurial aspirations and paired this with Science and Technology classes designed to inspire enthusiasm and build skills. Work towards your dreams!

Beginners (Ages 12+)

2 Weeks

Certificate of Participation 

Your Trainers for this course

This course is led by qualified ICT Professionals employed by the Institute’s ICT Unit. Beyond training, the team at the ICT Unit have deployed a number of solutions in different areas including Data Science, Gaming, Web Development and Mobile App Development


View the first part of our course as a preview of what’s to come

 The first 500 students to complete their chosen track will receive a cool token from CARIRI, 

Students who complete their track will be eligible to participate in this year’s PowerUp! Competition where they can test their knowledge to win great cash prizes.

Parents of students who sign up for any of one of the tracks will also receive a complimentary 1-year Digital T&T Guardian subscription!

Topics Covered

  • Building and Managing your digital presence online.
  • Creating apps
  • Exploring the world of data science.
  • Experiential entrepreneurship.
  • Introduction to business model canvas.
  • Ideation nation.


Be interested in learning and have the following

  • a Google Email/Gmail Account (with Parental Privileges).
  • a steady Internet connection to watch our videos.
  • Optionally – A Mobile Phone to Install your newly developed apps too.


Free (All Costs for this course have been covered by our sponsors)


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