Coding and Digital Music


In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of coding while composing captivating tunes. You’ll discover how to create melodies, experiment with synthesizers, and layer different instruments to build complex and harmonious compositions using Sonic Pi – a platform where you use programming to create music. Each lesson will take you deeper into the world of Sonic Pi – providing you with the tools to express yourself artistically while sharpening your coding skills.

Beginners (Ages 10+)

2 Weeks

Certificate of Participation 

Your Trainers for this course

This course is led by qualified ICT Professionals employed by the Institute’s ICT Unit. Beyond training, the team at the ICT Unit have deployed a number of solutions in different areas including Data Science, Gaming, Web Development and Mobile App Development

About This Programme

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Topics Covered

  • What is coding?
  • Basic Concepts of Coding
  • What is astronomy
  • Our Earth, the solar system she exists in and the Universe are vast. So vast, that it is often difficult for the human mind to conceptualize. 
  • Why is coding important in astronomy
  • Introduction to speed, distance time and gravitational force.
  • Gravity on Earth vs Gravity in Space
  • Introduction to block programming on the Scratch platform 
  • Overview of the Scratch Platform


Be interested in learning and have the following

  • a Google Email/Gmail Account (with Parental Privileges).
  • a steady Internet connection to watch our videos.
  • Optionally – A Mobile Phone to Install your newly developed apps too.


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